Exquisite Pleasure of a True Tantric Massage - M2M - 40, Sydney

Exquisite Pleasure of a True Tantric Massage - M2M - 40

Tantric Massage is an ancient Indian massage that combines spirituality and se.Xuality.

We will begin with a breathing exercise to draw on the vast energy source of the universe and a purification ritual to rid ourselves of any negative energy.

This is followed by a full body massage from head to toes, to activate your chakras and un-block your se.Xual energy.

When the body is fully e.Roticised, the lingam (co.Ck) massage, comprising up to 40 different massage strokes, is carried out focusing on the perineum, testi.Cles, the base, shaft and head of the co.Ck.

The intensive external a.Nal massage may be enjoyed prior to the optional internal a.Nal and pro.State massage. The latter is often favored by the bottom or versatile guys & the curious tops.

When you reach the point just before e.Jaculation, I will cool you down before taking you back up again. This may be repeated up to 5 times and is designed to charge up your s.Exual energy to the highest level. You will learn ways to prolong the multi-or.Gasmic experience.

Although e.Jaculation is not the goal of a tantric massage, it can be very intense when it happens.

Traditionally, tantric massage is done on the floor over a futon. Both the masseur and the receiver are na.Ked. There will be a lot of body to body contact otherwise too difficult to carry out on a massage table.

Come with me on a journey exploring the exquisite pleasure of Tantra.

It is advisable to refrain from e.Jaculation at least 24 hours before the massage.

Needless to say, it is always good etiquette to have a shower prior. As tantric breathing involves breathing through the m.Outh, o.Ral hygiene is important or you may use chewing gum prior.

The massage is suitable for men between 26 and 60 with reasonable level of fitness and flexibility. It is NOT suitable for anyone over 100 kg or suffers from a heart condition or is taking medication for a heart condition. In case of rashes or open cuts on skin, please wait till they are fully healed before booking an appointment.

Available in 1 hour or 90 min session

Your masseur : 40/173/72 fit and masculine Asian man.

For discretion, I do not send out face pics.

You will need a mobile no. to book an appointment.

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